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Our Story

Formerly Women Supporting Women Association, Inc. the organization was founded in 2014. As part of a rebranding initiative in 2022, the name of the organization was changed to The ACHI Foundation, Inc. Our focus has also changed from women to children. 


Our Mission

No child should grow up without knowing how to read and write. Yet, about one-third of young children—and half of the children living in poverty—in the U.S. arrive at kindergarten without the basic skills that they need to do well in school.  We are dedicated to promoting healthy development through early literacy for children.

How We Help 

The ACHI Foundation, Inc. provides free reading and activity workbooks to disadvantaged youth in after school programs, Tier 1 schools, homeless shelters, foster care, group homes, and daycares in low-income areas. Our resources include books and educational materials for early learners ages 0-10 years of age. By giving every young child a foundation for success, we strengthen our society and help combat the effects of income inequality.

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