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Girls Made Whole

Girls Made Whole is a total wellness project that focuses on the overall well-being of girls. The purpose of Girls Made Whole is to increase resilience in at-risk girls through health and wellness programming. The project covers girls' physical, mental, and social wellbeing so they can live better lives.  The project proponent is Women Supporting Women Association, Inc. and is taught over 30 weeks in 6-week increments and it encompasses four areas of focus: Nutrition & Fitness, Educational Enrichment, Personal Development, Career Exploration, and Financial Literacy. 

Eating Watermelon


Nutrition & Fitness

Our nutrition and fitness program provides obesity prevention and intervention by  promoting healthy weight in children. The goal of the program is to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the role healthy food and physical activity should have in their life. The program includes classes covering the following topics, physical fitness, cooking from the garden, and making healthy decisions.


Educational Enrichment

Our education enrichment program encourages students to learn through different mediums as well as participate in engaging projects and activities that go beyond the pages of a book. In this program, we offer visual arts, and music arts, along with cultural activities. The purpose of this program is to help girls develop a sense of self-awareness so they can fully appreciate their potential.

Music Class


Personal & Social Development

As part of the personal development portion of the program, girls learn who they are and what they can accomplish. While the social development portion of the program examines how girls discover who they are in relation to others, how to make friends, understand social rules, and behave towards others. The curriculum includes communication, life, and leadership skills.


Career Exploration

Career exploration provides young girls with the opportunity to learn about various career options so they can expand their minds when considering future careers.  Girls learn about the skills necessary for certain careers, along with the duties of each individual occupation. This information allows participants to visualize themselves in occupations that best suit their interests. The curriculum includes self-exploration and assessment, career introduction, and career ​​experimentation.



Financial Literacy

In the “Financial Literacy for Girls Program”, girls are taught practical financial skills such as the value of money, budgeting, bank accounts, taxes and more. This course helps girls learn to manage their finances early so that they can become adults who are better equipped to live independently. The course includes money matters, good spending habits and banking 101.

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